5 Things To Do When You Come To Ireland
When you come to Ireland, What is next? Ta daaaa! It is a must list when you come to Ireland. Firstly, Hello stranger of Ireland! You tried, spend your time and followed your dreams and.. you came to live your dreams! But first.. you need to filled in some forms and apply for GNIB, PPS etc.. Don’t worry, I will explain all of them with small notices.. Are you ready? Notice 1: Every processes are in online because of Covid-19 so you can create your day list. 1- Address When you came to Ireland, you must change your address ( If you are not EU citizens). Don’t forget it first 20 days! 2- GNIB Application GNIB (The Garda National Immigration Bureau) Status and GNIB card holders are required for long-term education in Ireland. This way you can have a long-term permit in Ireland and a GNIB card instead of an ID. For GNIB, you must first register online. You can make an appointment by visiting the GNIB website and downloading the app called GNIB. But it is useful to constantly refresh the page. ( :( ) If you say you can't always look at the GNIB appointment, it is available in applications that take paid appointments. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gnibot-irpgnib-appointmen/opgjakdpbbgmebfcfnbmfmhingdffpea/related?hl=tr 3- PPS Number The PPS number is the number required to have a work permit. You must register on the PPS website and follow up the application status by submitting the required documents (such as proof of address, passport photo, required letter from the place you applied for) through the site and then checking the site. Notice 2: Your number will come to your accommodation by letter. 4- Student Leap Card To apply for the Student Leap Card you need to use Dublin Bus, Luas and other public transport at a discount, you need to fill in the required information on https://www.studentleapcard.ie. Afterwards, you can go to the office with the reference code sent to your e-mail and the student certificate you received from the school and get your student leap card. 5- Open the Bank Account In order to open a bank account by going to one of the banks that your school has a contract with, you need to make an appointment beforehand. My advice is to make an appointment with branches that are far from the city center instead of the central branches, so you can get earlier dates. At the time of your appointment, do not forget to take your passport, the bank account letter you received from the school and the document that will prove your address, and the PPS number, if any. I hope it was all self explanatory. Even though it is a long, short and sometimes problematic process, remember that you can achieve anything! Take care of yourself. Enjoy Ireland. :)
Aug 5, 2022