Education in Canada
Hi guys!! Today we will talk about opportunities, application process and education in Canada. Canada is a North American country made up of 10 provinces and 3 territories. Its capital is Ottawa. It is at the forefront with its natural beauties, rich history and the coming together of different human cultures. Two official languages ​​are used in the country, French and English. In order to go to Canada as a student, you must enroll in one of the Language School, High School, College, Undergraduate, University, CO-OP, Certificate, Master's or Doctorate programs for more than 6 months and receive an acceptance letter from the relevant institution. CO-OP It is a program that combines certificate programs applied by state universities or private colleges with paid internship programs, aiming to provide foreign students with both education and work experience. The program offers job opportunities for the sector where education and training are received in many fields such as informatics, business, management, sales and marketing, graphic design. It can take 26-92 weeks. In the first year, education plus part-time work is provided, and in the second year, full-time work is provided. The biggest advantage of the program is that it provides both work experience and training opportunities. LANGUAGE SCHOOL Students are required to enroll in a Canadian school and receive a school acceptance certificate. For this, they just have to fill and sign the school's registration form, scan the registration form and passport and send it to the school. Afterwards, they can apply for their visa with the acceptance document they will receive from the school. There are no age restrictions in language schools. You don't have to be a student to go to a language school. You can be a college student, college graduate, graduate student, graduate student, or working. In addition to standard courses such as general English and intensive English in language training; You can find GRE–GMAT, TOEFL – IETLS exam preparation programs, as well as diploma programs such as CELTA, DELTA, and business English and medical English training options for your business life. After language education, you can continue to certificate or diploma programs or undergraduate / graduate programs at universities. DEGREE Canada is one of the countries that is accepted worldwide in education and preferred by international students for graduate education every year due to its high education quality. In addition to quality education, students are also provided with the opportunity to work while they are studying. Students are allowed to work in Canada for certain periods while they are studying for a master's degree and after graduation. Students who have completed their undergraduate education in Turkey have the right to graduate in Canada. The duration of the master's degree may take 1-2 years depending on the program. The most obvious condition that universities require from students is that students get successful results from TOEFL, IELTS, even GMAT or GRE exams. In addition, the student is expected to have an average of 3.00, to have a reference letter, and to be a graduate or senior student. LICENCE Canada is frequently preferred by students in terms of its rich cultural structure, quality educational institutions and the ease of work permit it provides to students. In addition, the fact that there are two official languages ​​​​in the country provides the opportunity for students to develop their second language while studying. University education in Canada is 4 years for most departments. Education periods in health sciences, law and some technical fields extend up to 5 and 6 years. In order to enter universities, conditions such as a sufficient level of English, a certain grade point average, extracurricular activities and CV are required. HIGH SCHOOL Students who want to study in Canada can study at Canadian high schools for 1 academic semester, 1 year or more than 1 year. If students who study in Canadian high schools decide to return to Turkey after completing 1 semester or 1 year, they must apply to the MEB branches for equivalency procedures. Equivalency of high school programs is provided by MEB, not YOK. Studying high school in Canada does not waste time for students, and students who successfully complete these programs can continue their education from where they left off, as long as they get their equivalence by applying for equivalence through the National Education Directorates when they return to schools in their countries. To study high school in Canada, the student must be an 8th grade student in Turkey, have a GPA of 70 or more, and have a sufficient level of English language.
Aug 5, 2022