Countires Where You Can Work While Studying at a Language School (Work & Study)
Hi everyone! Let’s talk about the world of Work&Study today. First of all, let’s start with what is Work&Study. This program is an opportunity to both work and teach. Working hours may vary as full time or part time depending on the country of study. In summary, Work&Study is a program in which students study in the countries they stay in exchange for some of their expenses. HOW LONG DOES THE WORK&STUDY LAST? Although this period varies according to the country of education is given, it can take 12-25 weeks. İf the student wishes to attend a longer program, he/she can indicate this and extend the time. HOW TO APPLY TO WORK&STUDY AND WHAT ARE THE APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS? This program is available in many countries. For this reason, the student should decide on the country he/she will go to, taking into account the visa situation and the tuition fee. After the student decides, he/she can start the process by enrolling in the school where he/she will receive language education. There is no requirement to participate in this program. Only the student is expected to meet the visa requirements of the country of destination. WHICH COUNTRIES WORK&STUDY IS MADE? This program is implemented in countries that give work permits to students who will receive language education. These countries are Ireland,Malta,Dubai,Australia,New Zeland. DOES WORK&STUDY SUPPORT STUDENTS IN FINDING A JOB? This program does not guarantee students a job, but it can provide support and convenience in this regard. For example, they can follow advertisements on the school's boards or increase their chances of finding a job by participating in career days. IRLAND Irish Work&Study enables students to improve their language and gain work experience. With this program, Ireland allows you to work 20 hours a week (part-time) if you enroll in a language school for 25 weeks. Ireland also entitles you to work full time (40 hours) during June, July, August, September and Christmas (December 15 - January 15). Due to this situation, Ireland is among the countries that students prefer very often. In addition to getting education and earning money, the friendliness of the people in the country, the opportunity to meet new cultures and the cheaper life opportunities compared to other countries are among the reasons that attract students. MALTA Malta is a Southern European country consisting of 3 large and 2 small islands. It has two official languages, Maltese and English. Students who choose Malta for language education have the right to work 20 hours a week after at least 90 days. The Maltese government allows students to work on the condition that they attend classes for at least 15 hours per week. Getting a visa to Malta is easier compared to other countries and this process takes 1-2 weeks. For this reason, application should be made at least 4 weeks in advance. Accommodation fee and tuition fee must be paid before applying for a visa. The high entertainment life, rich history and friendly people are among the reasons why students choose Malta. AUSTRALIA One of the main reasons students choose Australia for this program is because the official language is English. Australia allows students who come for education to work 40 hours for 2 weeks. It gives full-time work permit when there is no school. The only condition for working is the official start of school. As for the visa application, it must be made at least one month before the travel date. Being one of the countries with the highest quality of education and having many festivals are the reasons why students choose Australia. DUBAI The official language is Arabic, but most people speak English. Dubai allows students who want to study English for at least 12 weeks and work 20 hours per week. For visa procedures, it is necessary to apply at least one month in advance. The opportunity to learn about different cultures, entertainment life and the fact that a separate permit is not required to both work and study language are among the reasons why students prefer Dubai. NEW ZELAND New Zealand student visas generally allow full-time students to work 20 hours per week during the academic term and up to 40 hours per week during the summer holidays. This applies to both high school and college students. Research, master's and doctoral students can work 40 hours a week during the academic year. Students choose New Zealand in this program to explore different cultures and the country's job market.
Aug 5, 2022